How Aquatic Physical Therapy Can Make Your Child Better

Water activities aren’t just ideal for play time, they can also help improve your child’s well-being. If your child enjoys being in the water, here are some benefits that aquatic therapy can offer:


Kids with sensory processing disorders feel more relaxed in water, which can provide the deep pressure that increases their tactile input by up to 14x the normal. This lets them experience how it feels to move their body, making them more calm and organized.


Aquatic therapy can be great for kids with speech difficulties. Proper breathing is necessary for speaking and aquatic therapy can help your child develop that. The water’s hydrostatic pressure can provide resistance to strengthen the diaphragm.


Injuries often limit joint movement and weaken the muscles. Aquatic therapy pools help relieve your child of this with its warmth. The warm temperature of the pool allows your child’s muscles to relax and their joints to stretch to beyond previous limits. This newfound flexibility allows your child to take bigger step lengths, reducing the risk for contractures and making them more relaxed.


Water offers the ideal resistance that helps improve your child’s muscle strength, toning and tightening the muscle without putting too much strain on the joints and bone. The muscle becomes stronger via the child performing activities like basic swimming exercises, floating and stretching.

Through aquatic therapy, you may further develop your child’s motor skills and confidence.


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