The Importance of Pediatric Home Care Nursing

There’s a certain sense of security and comfort in your home. For children with complex medical needs, spending more time at home can help in their healing and progress. The good news is that it’s now easy to achieve. A child undergoing therapy, has a chronic illness, or have complex medical needs can receive the necessary care while at home instead of staying at a medical facility—made possible through pediatric home care.

In a home care setting, a private duty nurse works alone in the field with support from a main office. While it is called home health care, it can also be applied to other locations, like the school. Thus, the child receives adequate care while in a familiar environment and with little disruption in his daily routine (e.g. if he/she is still going to school).

Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of home care is the feeling of security when one is at home, but there are other benefits as well. Usually, home care is less expensive than staying in a medical facility. It also allows flexibility in time, especially for households where both parents need to work. Moreover, the care provided by the assigned nurse is personalized according to the specific needs of the child. It also ensures that parents receive continuous instruction, education, and other important support for the proper care of their child.


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