Therapy for Feeding Difficulties of Cleft Palate

Children afflicted with cleft palate experience many difficulties and impediments on their oral-motor skills. A child born with this condition will show one of the many varieties of the condition with their degree of severity. However, the problems it presents is always the same. Difficulty feeding is the most common, directly impacting the child’s health. Often, these problems can get in the way of proper feeding and receiving the right amount of nutrition. Fortunately, pediatric occupational therapy can help develop the oral-motor skills of children for the long term. Here are a few examples of exercises that could benefit your child afflicted with the condition. Continue reading


Physical Therapy Requires Parent Participation

Pediatric physical therapy is designed to help children with complex needs to improve their balance, coordination, motor development, and strength, to name a few. Physical therapy (PT) aims to make them more active at school, in the community and at home; however, it does not only require the child’s participation for the therapy to be most effective. Effort and support from family members, especially the child’s parents are also needed to make progress. Family members can help by doing the following:

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Why Consider Pediatric Home Care Nursing?

When caring for a child who needs constant medical attention, you may easily get overwhelmed with the number of medications and regimens required, especially at home. You are often torn between the need to look after your little one and your other obligations as a parent, employee, citizen, etc. Continue reading

Houston Pediatric Physical Therapy Provider Offers Aquatic Therapy This Summer

“Summer is finally here and everyone is excited to head to the nearest beaches and pools to splash away the heat. Your local Houston pediatric physical therapy provider, MedCare Pediatric Group, LP, may also help your child stay cool and have fun during therapy sessions this summer.
Aquatic Therapy takes advantage of water’s buoyancy properties to make movement better and easier for our patients. This would make sitting, standing, walking, and even jumping more doable than on land. Our pools have powerful jets that make waves to help patients strengthen their muscles by moving against the water force. This pressure against the body may also help to reduce swelling and improve blood flow.”

How Speech and Occupational Therapy Helps

Cognitive, physical, and linguistic impediments can occur in children with complex needs or developmental delays—but such issues can be effectively addressed with pediatric occupational and speech therapy programs. These type of therapies make it possible for children to enhance their relationship-fostering abilities and improve their daily lives.

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Houston Pediatric Home Care Nursing Provider Cares for Complex Patients

Houston pediatric home care nursing service provider MedCare Pediatric Group, LP offers comprehensive long term or short term services for complex nursing patients. Services are available for children aged birth through 21 years old throughout the Greater Houston area. MedCare is always striving to improve its services to also improve patient experience and treatment. Current nursing services are being revamped in order to accommodate more complex needs of any nursing patient.

Houston Pediatric Home Care and Outpatient Provider Debuts Mobile Responsive Website

MedCare Pediatric Group, LP, a Houston pediatric home care and outpatient provider, debuts its new mobile responsive website. In line with the company’s belief in providing first class services for pediatric therapy and nursing, they sought to improve patient experience by adapting to the latest changes on the online landscape. MedCare’s new website features a more mobile-friendly design to make web browsing for patients easier, no matter what device they are on. With this new change, patients and the community can learn about the company, family resources, latest events, career opportunities, and services offered.