Physical Therapy Requires Parent Participation

Pediatric physical therapy is designed to help children with complex needs to improve their balance, coordination, motor development, and strength, to name a few. Physical therapy (PT) aims to make them more active at school, in the community and at home; however, it does not only require the child’s participation for the therapy to be most effective. Effort and support from family members, especially the child’s parents are also needed to make progress. Family members can help by doing the following:

  1. Provide accurate information about the child’s medical history and specific needs to the therapist. Any information about the child’s condition will be a huge help to determine the best treatment plan and approach.
  2. Participating in recommended play and mobility activities for a closer bond. Parents can also see how their child develops and the results of the pediatric physical therapy first hand.
  3. Learning safety tips for the home and community. It is important for the child’s well-being that the family practices safety procedures at home. By being present during the PT sessions will allow you to gain information to make your home safer for your child.
  4. Giving much needed emotional support to the child. Your child’s development is a gradual process. He or she needs all the support you can give.

Parents have a big role in the child’s improvement while in therapy. It is best to work with the physical therapist to oversee the child’s development and provide encouragement.


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