Speech and Pediatric Occupational Therapy Help Kids with Cleft Palate

Pediatric therapies are vital supplements to corrective oral procedures for children born with cleft palate. If your child has this condition, pediatric therapies can help him develop the skills necessary for healthier functioning, thereby promoting his well-being and helping him achieve his full potentials.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

One of the obvious concerns about clefting is speech impediment. Monitoring and addressing any speech difficulty are crucial during the child’s early years, particularly once he reaches school age. A speech therapist’s goal is to help your child understand spoken words, use words to express his thoughts and feelings, and process conversations. Such a professional may also address difficulties such as stuttering, inappropriate articulation of words, forming conversational sentences, and limited vocabulary.


Goals and Roles in Pediatric Physical Therapy

There are many parents with an interest in physical therapy for their children, but they wonder if it is suitable. The good news is that physical therapy may help kids with many different issues. Some of the goals of physical therapy include better motion and increased strength for everyday movement.
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Using Physical Therapy for Muscle Strengthening

One of the more common treatments that a doctor may prescribe to a child who has muscle weakness is physical therapy. Muscle weakness may be caused by a wide range of things, and this includes everything from genetics to disease, injury and more. Physical therapy may be highly beneficial, but it does take time and effort before you and your child may see results. This process could be frustrating for kids and parents alike, so it is important to set reasonable expectations about using physical therapy for muscle strengthening.
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Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Helping Your Kid Cope with Goldenhar

Goldenhar Syndrome is a congenital defect that occurs in one of 3,000-5,000 births across all races. Characterized by craniofacial and vertebral deformities, Goldenhar may require surgery depending on severity. If your child has this condition, you have to take certain measures to make him as comfortable as possible, and help him reach his full potential. Providing the child with different forms of pediatric therapies can do so much in making developmental challenges more manageable.

Generally, Goldenhar does not affect cognition, although in a few cases, it can result in mild mental retardation. An estimated 13% of those affected have cognitive deficits and learning disabilities. In general, since the child’s intelligence level is likely to be normal, learning impediments are mainly attributed to impaired vision and hearing due to eye and ear malformation. As such, your child may require hearing aids and glasses.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Company to Send Staff on Medical Mission

Renowned Houston pediatric physical therapy company MedCare Pediatric Group is proud to announce that it will be sending five of its brilliant therapists on a medical mission with the Christ United Methodist Church. This year’s mission group will be going to Escuela Ensenanza Especial Marta Saborio in Alajuela, Costa Rica to provide relief to children via food, Bible studies, sports, and some construction. MedCare’s own team of skilled therapists specializing in different practice areas will assist by giving the youth of the school, especially those with complex needs, some much deserved medical attention from the 18th to the 26th of July 2015.

MedCare has always been dedicated to aiding children with special needs. The organization’s goal is to enhance the lives, improve the health, and develop the functional abilities of children, even those who are in the hard-to-reach corners of the world.

MedCare Offers Pediatric Home Care Nursing for Complex Medical Needs

Medcare Pediatric Group, a renowned provider of pediatric therapy and nursing services in the Greater Houston area including, Katy, Stafford, Spring, Northshore and Pasadena, offers pediatric home care nursing services for children with complex medical needs. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, complex nursing patients experience frequent and lengthy hospitalizations. Discharging children with such needs, especially those who have technology dependencies, might be a complicated matter that requires ongoing healthcare at home to minimize the need to visit a hospital.

MedCare aims to help children with complex nursing needs by providing long-term or short-term services for children aged birth to 21 years old. The service is primarily available to children within the Greater Houston area.

Occupational Therapy: On the Road to Success

Occupational therapy for children helps them become more independent in their daily lives. Therapists are trained to help children prepare for and perform developmental activities. Some of this preparation includes widening the range of motion of their hands and body while strengthening muscles. It improves bilateral coordination, which means using both their hands together; visual motor skills; and visual perception skills. The therapist helps children practice everyday tasks such as writing and tying shoes, and makes modifications for each individual’s abilities.
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