Cerebral Palsy and How Physical Therapy Can Help

Has your child been diagnosed with cerebral palsy? While this can be unsettling and cause concern, pediatric physical therapy may be able to greatly help your child. 

Understanding Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a condition that is especially common in babies born prematurely and who had a lack of oxygen to the brain either before, during, or shortly after their birth. There are different types of cerebral palsy and it is usually determined by which part of the brain was injured. In most cases, mobility is affected in one way or another. It’s because of this that pediatric physical therapy is often recommended for babies born early and whose brain was injured at birth.

Understanding Physical Therapy

While physical therapy certainly isn’t a cure for cerebral palsy, it could help children attain optimal gross motor skills. It may also help your child meet developmental milestones such as sitting up on their own, standing, and walking. It is important to understand, however, that not all children with cerebral palsy will have the ability to meet such milestones even with physical therapy. Physical therapists, however, can advise parents on adaptive equipment that will enable their child to live as independently as possible.

Physical therapists will also do different types of exercises that may help your child gain muscle strength, and increase range of motion and flexibility. It is often recommended that a baby diagnosed with cerebral palsy begins pediatric physical therapy as soon as they can.


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