Why Occupational Therapy Is Great for Kids

When many parents hear the term occupational therapy, they often think of the term in an adult context. However, this type of therapy isn’t just for adults who need to get back to work. Pediatric occupational therapy may make life much easier for kids following an illness, injury, or disability diagnosis.

How Occupational Therapy May Help

One of the goals associated with therapy is helping kids live as independently as possible. Many kids with disabilities or other health problems feel behind their peers because of their health needs, and occupational therapy may give them the self-confidence they need. Kids may also benefit from the feeling that they could accomplish as much as their peers.

Helpful Life Skills

Therapy sessions focus on skills, some as simple as grasping objects. Working with hand-eye coordination may help children do better in school, especially in the quality environment of the Stafford-area schools. Some kids, in addition to functions required at school, also need help with learning everyday personal care. Occupational therapy also provides a way for therapists to find out if children require specialized equipment.

Social and Emotional Help

Occupational therapy may help by showing children how to cope with their frustration over a disability or chronic illness in positive, constructive ways. It may also make it easier for kids to focus on important tasks without distractions. It could prove helpful in improving kids’ social skills.


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