Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Helping Your Kid Cope with Goldenhar

Goldenhar Syndrome is a congenital defect that occurs in one of 3,000-5,000 births across all races. Characterized by craniofacial and vertebral deformities, Goldenhar may require surgery depending on severity. If your child has this condition, you have to take certain measures to make him as comfortable as possible, and help him reach his full potential. Providing the child with different forms of pediatric therapies can do so much in making developmental challenges more manageable.

Generally, Goldenhar does not affect cognition, although in a few cases, it can result in mild mental retardation. An estimated 13% of those affected have cognitive deficits and learning disabilities. In general, since the child’s intelligence level is likely to be normal, learning impediments are mainly attributed to impaired vision and hearing due to eye and ear malformation. As such, your child may require hearing aids and glasses.


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