Goals and Roles in Pediatric Physical Therapy

There are many parents with an interest in physical therapy for their children, but they wonder if it is suitable. The good news is that physical therapy may help kids with many different issues. Some of the goals of physical therapy include better motion and increased strength for everyday movement.

A Team Effort

There is no one-size-fits-all pediatric physical therapy, so rest assured that your child may have a tailored solution. The physical therapist’s job includes working closely with your pediatrician to ensure that the therapy is appropriate. Depending on how old your child is, teachers may also play a role.

Family Participation

You may always have a say in your child’s physical therapy options. A therapist may work with you to make implementing the therapy easier for everyone. If there are other kids in your household or additional family members, they may also have an important role.

Physical Therapy Basics

One of the chief things a physical therapist may do where your child is concerned is help them with daily activities. Sometimes, this may include learning about basic safety and how to use adaptive equipment. The goals of a physical therapy program for your child may include better mobility and use of everyday toys.

The Right Therapist for Your Child

It would always be best for your child to work with a pediatric physical therapist that his/her pediatrician has recommended,.


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