Using Physical Therapy for Muscle Strengthening

One of the more common treatments that a doctor may prescribe to a child who has muscle weakness is physical therapy. Muscle weakness may be caused by a wide range of things, and this includes everything from genetics to disease, injury and more. Physical therapy may be highly beneficial, but it does take time and effort before you and your child may see results. This process could be frustrating for kids and parents alike, so it is important to set reasonable expectations about using physical therapy for muscle strengthening.

As a first step, speak with your child’s physical therapist personally to learn more about the ideal end result, as well as what the process may be or for how long. Your child’s physical therapist will likely be able to give you an estimated time frame for various milestones during the treatment process.

You can also learn more about the in-therapy and at-home exercises that your child may be asked to do. This may include activities like resistance training with stretchy bands or the use of weights and more. Muscle strengthening may be one of several goals the therapist may work on, and other goals may include improving range of motion, coordination, and balance.

Through an initial consultation and by meeting with the therapist regularly during the process, you can help to manage your child’s expectations. This may help your child to remain motivated to continue, as well as to do the at-home exercises.


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