Houston Pediatric Physical Therapy: The Importance of Play in Recovery

Play is an important activity in the development of a child as it helps teach and refine their fine motor skills. This is why many experts in pediatric physical therapy in Houston incorporate play in a child’s therapy program. After all, who said that the road to recovery has to be boring? Through play, your child can accelerate his or her development, yet have fun doing it.

While pediatric physical therapy in Stafford or Houston providers like MedCare Pediatric Group, LP may help your child improve and maximize his or her physical capabilities, there are things you can do to help supplement these sessions. Parents also have a significant role to play in developing and reinforcing the skills their child learns in therapy.


Houston Pediatric Home Care Can Ensure Your Child Has a Better Life

When your child is suffering from a debilitating illness or disability, it can be difficult to care for them. Improving their lot in life requires a concerted effort and knowhow. For example, if your child suffers from a peanut allergy, a recent development by researchers has determined an effective way to build up resistance against it. A medical patch containing small amounts of peanut protein, known as Viaskin Peanut, is applied to a child’s skin and has been found to successfully raise the test subject’s resistance by 10 times the dose found in the patch.

Information like this can be hard to keep up with, especially if you’re not well-connected to the healthcare community. That is why you’ll want a healthcare professional from Houston pediatric home care services like MedCare Pediatric Group, LP to assist you.

Improve Your Child’s Life with Pediatric PT

Advances in techniques and methods in pediatric physical therapy are improving the quality of life of children who suffer from debilitating diseases or who have had serious accidents. Pediatric physical therapists understand the anatomy of a child’s body and they also know how to relate to children and their struggles. From children who are dealing with a Salter-Harris Fracture to those who have Spina Bifida, physical therapy may provide them with comfort and better body function.
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Scheduling Pediatric Home Care Nursing Services for Your New Baby

If your baby has spent time in the NICU or PICU, you may be overwhelmed with emotion when you are told that your baby can come home. Feelings of happiness and relief may be mixed with stress and fear. Many babies who receive specialized care in the hospital, however, must continue to receive some care at home for a period of days or weeks after being discharged. While some parents may feel as though they can handle providing this care to their infant or baby, others may feel stressed out or anxious over the prospect of it. Home health services are available for infants and babies, and these services can help you to better care for your little one.

Why Funds for Pediatric Physical Therapy in Texas Shouldn’t Be Reduced

Raising children with disabilities and special needs is never easy, for it often takes a toll on a family’s financial situation. This is why many parents turn to Medicaid funds under the Affordable Care Act for help in providing the needed care for their children.These families are now facing a big threat as Texas lawmakers have just recently passed a bill cutting over $350 million in state Medicaid funding for physical, occupational, and speech therapies, to be spread over the next two years, or up to the year 2017. These recent cuts could make it difficult for many families in Texas to afford pediatric physical therapy and other therapies their children need.