Signs Your Child May Need Speech Therapy

No parent ever wants to think that their child suffers from a developmental delay. After all, children with developmental delays may have problems interacting with kids their own age and consequently suffer from self-esteem issues.

Some children are born with physical deficits and consequently need help with their motor development. Others struggle with speech and communication skills. Find out whether your child shows signs that he or she may benefit from speech therapy.

Speech Pattern Problems

Children suffering from developmental delays may have problems with their speech patterns. As a parent, you might notice that your son or daughter has a hard time forming sentences and putting words together in a coherent manner. Some children eventually develop a stutter because they feel so self-conscious speaking in front of others. Speech therapists work with children of all ages and those with speech pattern problems.

Delayed Advancement

The biggest sign that your child needs help is when he or she demonstrates delayed advancement. Think about the way your child acts around others and how advanced he or she is in regards to children in the same age range. Your child may have a harder time speaking certain words, expressing emotions, or simply using simple sentences like kids in his or her classes do.

If your child shows signs of delayed physical milestones on top of developmental milestones, then you may want to seek personalized speech and physical therapy services from a trusted provider in the Houston area.


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