Improve Your Child’s Life with Pediatric PT

Advances in techniques and methods in pediatric physical therapy are improving the quality of life of children who suffer from debilitating diseases or who have had serious accidents. Pediatric physical therapists understand the anatomy of a child’s body and they also know how to relate to children and their struggles. From children who are dealing with a Salter-Harris Fracture to those who have Spina Bifida, physical therapy may provide them with comfort and better body function.

From newborns to late teens, pediatric physical therapists focus on providing treatments that may improve mobility and bodily function. Pediatric PT may also help a child increase his or her self-confidence. PT may also help a child learn the skills that he or she will need to function on a daily basis. A combination of therapeutic exercises and recreational activities may be used to make exercises exciting and fun for children. The MedCare Pediatric Group offers children and parents in the Houston area quality service that is focused on the patient’s needs.

Having the support of a family member is key for a child who is undergoing physical therapy. Brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers may offer words of encouragement throughout therapy. A typical training program may consist of stretching, muscle development, exercises that teach balance and coordination, and exercises that focus on cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Certain exercises may also target motor skills for those children who have not yet developed the skill or those who have lost the function due to injury or illness.


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