Specialized Care from Pediatric Physical Therapists

Pediatric physical therapists in Spring, Texas are uniquely qualified to assist families with children who are dealing with musculoskeletal problems. They help children improve mobility, flexibility, and strength. They work with children who have had accidents, brain injuries, cancer, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, as well as an array of developmental and movement disorders.

The first step that a pediatric physical therapist may take is to interview a child and their family. They may provide physical examinations that are uniquely designed to identify why the child is having movement difficulties. From there, therapists may use set guidelines to create individual treatment regimens for the child. They work to help a child increase his/her motor development, endurance, gait, and range of motion. They may also provide techniques designed to improve the endurance of the child’s lungs and heart, as well as address any delayed motor development.

Pediatric physical therapists have an impressive set of skills at their disposal. These may include manual manipulation, breathing techniques, play and recreational therapy, motor learning, as well as designing and applying orthodontics and prosthetics.

Pediatric physical therapists have seen that children respond best when the care they are provided with is unique to their situation and is based on a well-crafted treatment plan. In addition to the care provided during a visit to the physical therapist, children will require follow-up care from their families. For this reason, physical therapists teach families about safety and home exercises. Helping a child to improve their physical function usually requires a daily exercise regimen. Pediatric physical therapists support families by working with educational, psychological, and primary medical caregivers.


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