Sports-Related Injuries in Children

Many Houston children participate in organized sports while growing up. Parents of young athletes need to be aware of common types of injuries and how to prevent or treat them.

Types of Injuries

Depending on the specific sport involved, an injury can range from a bruise to severe brain trauma. Muscle or tendon damage, such as a sprain, is one of the most common sports-related injuries suffered by children. Other injuries, such as stress fractures and tendonitis, are sustained through repetitive motion involved in a sport.


Parents and children can minimize the risk for injury by being aware of ways to perform a sport safely. Certain measures, including warm-ups, cool-downs and the proper use of sports equipment, can be instrumental in safe physical activity.


If an injury occurs, treatment can range from applying ice to the affected area to seeking the services of a pediatric physical therapist. Physical therapy may focus on restoring full range of motion, regaining muscle strength, improving endurance and reestablishing a previous skill level in the sport involved.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

A physical therapist offers the injured child the opportunity to see that any physical damage heals correctly and that the child only returns to the sport when adequately recovered. Failing to adhere to the recommendations of the therapist could put a child at risk of reinjury. Taking the time to focus on recovery also allows the child to regain the self-confidence necessary to continue striving toward any sports-related goals.


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