Keeping Your Epileptic Child Safe at School

Many children working with physical or occupational therapists for neurological deficits also endure seizure disorders. Parents worry about sending their children to school or allowing them to enjoy sleepovers with friends because seizures can hit at unexpected moments. Therapists often help parents create safe home environments for these children, but it’s a bit more difficult to determine what’s safe beyond the home.

The following tips will help all parents in this situation:

Make sure all teachers working with your child during the school day are aware of the seizure diagnosis. They should also understand any behavioral changes that may signal the onset of a seizure and know what to do if a seizure does occur.

Work with one direct contact person at the school. It’s exhausting and confusing to contact every teacher each time there’s an update for your child’s condition. A school nurse or another administrator should serve as your contact person and then pass the information along to others as needed.

If your child takes medication while at school, make sure all prescriptions stay updated and you refill the supply before it runs out.

If necessary, provide a helmet for your child to wear during physical education. At the very least, make sure that the gym teacher is aware of your child’s physical limitations, such as avoiding high climbing walls.

If you have questions about how these tips apply to your child, feel free to discuss them at your child’s next therapy appointment. Many children can enjoy active social lives as they grow older, but it is important to follow safety protocol in the process.



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