How Can Occupational Therapy Help Kids?

Whether your child needs assistance after an illness or an injury, occupational therapy is an option that can help with various skill areas. It is also ideal for children who have developed defects from birth. Occupational therapy gives children a way to live life as independently as possible instead of relying on others as much, giving them hope for the future .

One of the benefits of working with a pediatric occupational therapist is that they can come to your home instead of you and your child making the trip to the doctor’s office or clinic on a regular basis. Most of the work that is done with children involves improving the motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination. Motor planning may also be developed as well as some cognitive skills so that children can learn to think in abstract ways.

While the therapist is working with the child, each skill is practiced on a regular basis until the child is comfortable with the concept. This can help give the child the confidence that is needed to perform the task at home or at school. Some of the simple skill sets that the therapist may help with include tying their shoes, getting dressed without any assistance or with minimum help from parents, cutting paper and writing. Once these sets are developed, they can lead to other more complex development. It can also lead to better socialization with friends and family as the child may become more comfortable in various settings.


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