Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Strength Activities for Kids

Kids strengthen the small muscles in their hands by engaging in fine motor activities involving materials and tools that offer resistance. There are numerous ways to use occupational therapy tools and activities around your Houston home with readily available materials that your kids will love.

Water play
Give kids spray bottles to play with in the bathtub or pool and to help water plants and clean the windows. In the winter, fill spray bottles with food coloring and make spray pictures in the snow. When the weather is warm, switch it up with water guns or squirt toys and have a water fight.

Interlocking construction toys
Edushape Foam, Duplos, and Quercetti Tubation blocks are great choices for preschool age kids while older children will enjoy constructing with K’NEX, Legos, and Tinkertoys. Encourage kids to use their imagination to create their own buildings and vehicles.

Play Dough and putty
Play Dough and putty allow kids to push, mold, squeeze, squish, and pull to build their find motor skills. Hide small objects in pieces of dough, such as beans or pennies, and then have kids pull them out. Make shapes with cookie cutters or grab a rolling pin to roll out the dough.

Changing up your regular rotation of fine motor strength activities will keep kids interested and engaged. When they get tired of one activity, simply switch it up for something else.


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