How Parents Help With Pediatric Physical Therapy

When a child has a debilitating injury or condition that leads to disability, coping with life after the injury can be challenging. However, parents and other family members can choose to play a major role in helping a child adjust to living with their condition. With out this crucial family involvement, many children would have a harder time adjusting to life post-disability.

Information Matters

Parents provide a crucial role in communicating with therapists about their child’s medical conditions and what types of therapy they may have had in the past. Not all kids are of an age where they can describe their medical conditions well, or fully understand the course of treatment.

Making Toy and Play Adaptations

Depending on the course of therapy, some therapists may incorporate a child’s favorite toys or games into the sessions. Parents and other regular family caregivers have a better idea of which toys and games are the child’s favorites.

Partners in Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance, particularly with therapy sessions for kids who have spinal conditions or injuries. Physical therapists not only have to use their best practices to ensure safety but can play a role in helping parents increase safety around the home.

Therapy Activities for Family to Help With
There are several common activities that parents and other family members may be able to participate in, giving their child better help. Adaptive play not only helps children adapt to play with their peers but helps keep the therapy sessions fun. Water exercises are also helpful for many kids, especially with the use of an activity that is already fun for them.


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