How Physical Therapy May Help Kids With Scoliosis

When your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis by a pediatrician, you may be wondering if there are any alternatives to a bulky brace or surgery to help your child. In some cases, pediatric physical therapy at a local clinic in Houston may provide your child with benefits such as increased mobility and strength. Consider these ways in which pediatric physical therapy may benefit your child.

Stabilizes Core Strength
Children with scoliosis often have lowered back strength due to the abnormal curvature of their spines. Your child may be able to build or regain some of their core strength by participating in physical therapy. These exercises may help to strengthen the muscles that support your child’s spinal column.


The stretching exercises that are used in physical therapy for children may help your child gain some flexibility. As the muscles are stretched, they become more flexible and easier to use. Your child may have less pain with common activities like putting on shoes and socks or bending down to pick up a toy.

Pain Reduction
A sharply curved spine may cause pain in your child, as the muscles, ligament and tendons are pulled tight. Physical therapy may help to lessen your child’s pain by relaxing the sore muscles. In addition to getting pediatric physical therapy for your child, you might also benefit from additional services as your child grows and develops, including occupational therapy.


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