Pediatric Physical Therapy to Ease the Pain

Has your child sustained an injury while playing? Is the injury causing a lot of discomfort and affecting their everyday activities . If yes, then you may want to start looking for a pediatric physical therapist who may help ease the impact of such injuries. Pediatric physical therapy in Houston is available to help lessen the pain from the injury and to help children regain strength to do their daily tasks.

How Does It Work?

When undergoing physical therapy, your child will be given a set of treatments aimed at improving body movement and strength. If your child couldn’t walk properly because of an ankle injury, then the treatment that will be given is designed to address such a problem. Treatments include coordination activities, aquatic therapy, flexibility exercises, and strength training.

Massage, electrical stimulation, and heat or cold treatments may also be applied to the injured area to help in the healing process. As the treatment begins work, you can see a gradual improvement in the way your child moves and uses their injured body part.

What To Expect From A Visit To A Therapist?

To determine the best treatment for your child, physical therapists must analyze the injury first. During a checkup, expect the therapist to assess your child’s physical strength and flexibility, as well as how the injury affects his/her movement. Be ready for some instructions on how to help your child do home exercises as well.

Regular visits to your pediatric physical therapist is essential in the recovery process. The therapists can also give you child some exercise to do at home in addition to knowing what activities to avoid.


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