Pediatric Occupational Therapy for Cancer Management

Cancer and its treatment can have adverse effects on a child. You may notice your little one being too weak to move or participate in activities with his friends; thus affecting his social, emotional, and cognitive development. Because of this, you may want to consider pediatric occupational therapy. This therapy aims to help cancer patients regain their independence.

Returning To Community

Defeating cancer doesn’t end with its removal. Getting back to community is another step towards full recovery. For normal development your child needs to be able to have a role socially and this is where occupational therapy becomes helpful.

During the therapy, they will be taught how best to cope with living skills such as dressing and brushing their teeth, basic things that may have been affected by the cancer or its treatments.

Preventing Cancer Effects From Getting Worse

Because occupational therapy involves educating patients and actively listening to their needs, it may help prevent pain symptoms from becoming chronic pain. Enrolling your child in therapy as early as possible will allow the therapist to .Moreover, it helps your child to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, which can also lead to chronic pain..

Fighting cancer is a tough battle at any age, but with the right therapies such as pediatric occupational therapy as offered in Pasadena, your child will have a better chance of getting their life back on track.


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