Pediatric Physical Therapy for DS Patients

Physical difficulties are one of the effects of Down Syndrome (DS) and these continue throughout a person’s lifetime.

Through pediatric physical therapy, your child may improve when it comes to physical activities that work on his/her coordination, balance, and muscle strength. These also reduce their chances of becoming obese and acquiring additional heart problems later in life.

Skills Development

Physical therapy may enable your child to improve strength through exercises designed for muscle development. The therapist will also assist your child in developing motor skills like walking, standing, and crawling, among others. Your child may also learn to skip, dribble a ball, or jump with the help of activities aimed at working on the patient’s balance and coordination.

Moreover, the therapist is responsible for helping your child to follow a diet, to learn new skills, and to be involved in their community. This helps to raise his/her quality of life and avoid complications brought about by the condition.

Fun Therapy

Undergoing therapy shouldn’t feel like work. Your child already faces a lot of challenges arising from their condition, and therapy should be a fun time for them. Excellent therapists understand this so they develop ways to make therapy fun. They use games and enjoyable tasks as a form of therapy to encourage children to develop physical strength and life skills in a fun way. This way, your child can look forward to having the therapy instead of dreading it.


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