How Physical Therapy Helps Children After a Normal Childhood Mishap

Childhood is fraught with perils. Your little one can be harmed by something as normal as falling off a bike. You can take steps to protect her, like using helmets when riding bikes and installing child safety gear around the home, but you cannot cover her in bubble wrap. If your son or daughter has been injured in a mishap, a car accident, or on the sports field, he or she may need therapy for a complete recovery.

When to Make the Appointment

When your child has a serious injury, the doctor will most likely recommend pediatric physical therapy to help him improve his range of motion and even deal with pain. Even children who have never been in a traumatic event may benefit from physical therapy as it’s also recommended for any child who struggles to perform normal age-appropriate tasks involving basic motor skills. This means that physical therapy can help children who are behind developmentally. Children complaining of chronic pain in a certain area should also be evaluated.


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