Stafford Pediatric Physical Therapy And Skilled Nursing

Stafford Pediatric Physical Therapy And Skilled Nursing

If you are the parent of a child or young adult who is chronically ill we want to make sure you fully understand all that our private duty nursing staff can offer you and your family.  Care for children with special medical needs often includes around the clock care for essential needs supporting life. Whether your child requires a feeding tube or ventilator care our private duty nurses are dedicated to making life easier for you. We understand that each child has their own set of medical needs and personal sensitivities. Our goal is to provide the professional care your child needs with our trained RN’s and other nursing professionals.


Many children with special medical needs require professional care in every setting at home or in school. This includes specialized pediatric physical therapy Stafford skilled experts provide. Our private duty nurses work in shifts in order to meet the daily needs that your child requires to have the best quality of life. Our nurses are highly qualified and have the experience required to address every need with compassion and efficiency. Our nurses complete any required specialized training for your home situation in order to ensure your child gets only the best care.


Specialized competency requirements are met for those with unique needs including dependence on a ventilator or other respiratory therapies. Competency is established through regular training and improved medical procedures according to best practices. This includes training required for physical therapy needs. Additional training and further education is provided within the home in order to be certain that all private nursing staff working with your child is familiar with the equipment and able to manage any complications. We strive to make sure that families become comfortable enough with our private duty nursing staff that a relationship of total confidence and trust can be established and maintained over time. We understand how vulnerable your child is and our private nurses are dedicated to meeting all their medical needs. Private duty nurses also have the time to get to know the personality of your child which goes a long way to establishing that relationship of trust and rapport.


We provide private personalized care with routine schedules that are designed to meet the need of your child. Our private nurses are able to provide the care you need in your home in order to bring you some respite. No single person can be on call 24 hours a day. You owe it to the long-term health of yourself and your family to learn all you can about our private nursing services and personalized physical therapy. We are here to better understand your concerns and offer any support we can. Our nurses can also help to educate other family members who may be involved with the long term care of your child. It is amazing how much easier it is to spend time enjoying family and friends when more people in your environment are aware of how to care for some of your child’s basic medical needs.Contact our team of professional and caring private nurses to discover all we have to offer you and your child with special needs. We are happy to answer any questions and discuss any concerns in order to best serve your child’s medical needs.


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