Pediatric Physical Therapy for DS Patients

Physical difficulties are one of the effects of Down Syndrome (DS) and these continue throughout a person’s lifetime.

Through pediatric physical therapy, your child may improve when it comes to physical activities that work on his/her coordination, balance, and muscle strength. These also reduce their chances of becoming obese and acquiring additional heart problems later in life.

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Pediatric Physical Therapy at Home

If you have a young athlete who recently suffered a serious sports injury, you may already know the importance of physical therapy as part of the treatment and recovery plan. However, perhaps their injuries or the parents schedule ,make it difficult to transport them to a facility.

Maybe your child simply wants to stay in a place where he feels safe and secure—right in your own home. It is possible to get pediatric physical therapy where you live.

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy for Cancer Management

Cancer and its treatment can have adverse effects on a child. You may notice your little one being too weak to move or participate in activities with his friends; thus affecting his social, emotional, and cognitive development. Because of this, you may want to consider pediatric occupational therapy. This therapy aims to help cancer patients regain their independence.

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Pediatric Physical Therapy to Ease the Pain

Has your child sustained an injury while playing? Is the injury causing a lot of discomfort and affecting their everyday activities . If yes, then you may want to start looking for a pediatric physical therapist who may help ease the impact of such injuries. Pediatric physical therapy in Houston is available to help lessen the pain from the injury and to help children regain strength to do their daily tasks.

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How Parents Help With Pediatric Physical Therapy

When a child has a debilitating injury or condition that leads to disability, coping with life after the injury can be challenging. However, parents and other family members can choose to play a major role in helping a child adjust to living with their condition. With out this crucial family involvement, many children would have a harder time adjusting to life post-disability. Continue reading

How Physical Therapy May Help Kids With Scoliosis

When your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis by a pediatrician, you may be wondering if there are any alternatives to a bulky brace or surgery to help your child. In some cases, pediatric physical therapy at a local clinic in Houston may provide your child with benefits such as increased mobility and strength. Consider these ways in which pediatric physical therapy may benefit your child.
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How Can Occupational Therapy Help Kids?

Whether your child needs assistance after an illness or an injury, occupational therapy is an option that can help with various skill areas. It is also ideal for children who have developed defects from birth. Occupational therapy gives children a way to live life as independently as possible instead of relying on others as much, giving them hope for the future . Continue reading